Dialogue Generator

Here’s a simple Angular UI for generating interactive text-based dialogue that outputs to JSON format: Check out the repo for instructions as well as an importable JSON sample. This has proven a very useful tool in the development of HTML5 video games, especially when using Phaser.js, which is a wonderful library but can be tedious when dealing with interactive text. The generator is not designed for mobile.

Script to Compile iWitness Pollution Reports to GeoJSON

This Node script scrapes the RSS feed for the Louisiana Bucket Brigade’s iWitness Pollution Map and compiles the incidents into a single GeoJSON string. The scraped incidents are limited to the “River Parishes” of Jefferson, St. Charles, St. John, and St. James. These are among the most heavily industrialized parishes in the state.

You can fork the repo here. To scrape incidents currently in the feed, run “node compile_incidents” from the root directory.